"Passionate, insightful, and downright comical. Cyrus never ceases to keep you thoroughly entertained. This book is no exception."

- Greg Long, Champion of The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational and the Maverick's Surf Contest.

"I was really stoked to see Cyrus put his interviews to print. Never a dull moment. Rock on."

- Jeff Clark, Maverick's pioneer and star of Riding Giants.

"Action sports extremists are a passionate and dedicated lot, and Cyrus Saatsaz brings the same intense commitment and pure stoke to his journalism. This is radical storytelling. Cyrus gets the insider's perspective, because at his core, he's part of the band."

- Grant Washburn, legendary Maverick's surfer and film producer.

"I'll never forget an interview I did with Cyrus a few years back, so much fun and so easy to talk to. Thanks for the good times buddy!"

- Grant "Twiggy" Baker, 2006 Maverick's Surf Contest Champion.

"The best interview I have ever done."

- Johnny Knoxville, actor and star of Jackass.