"It’s the kind of book you expect men to take into the bathroom, and probably really enjoy it there. It’s the kind of book someone can pick up off your coffee table and be happily immersed in for a few minutes. It’s the kind of book written by a guy who brings, to quote Maverick’s surfer and film producer Grant Washburn, pure stoke to his journalism. And that’s ultimately what makes it worth a second glance."
- Kate MacLennan, Writer for Surfer Magazine

"If you’re running out of summer books to read, check out Dogwild & Board..."
- Becker Surfboards

"Check out Cyrus Saatsaz’ Holiday Gift Guide For Surfers. Cyrus is the author of “Dogwild & Board: Stories, Interviews and Musings From a Surf Journalist.” His book is another great option for a gift and it’s available at as well. I wanted to include Cyrus’ book on my list but it’s $25.15 so it went over my $25 budget! (It’s definitely worth the extra 15 cents, though.)"
- Surfing News Daily